What people are saying about the book...

24 Feb 2013, 10 p.m.

It's the dogs bollocks - throughly recommended. Attilla the Stockbroker, performance poet

If you want a break from every day whimsy read 'Bomber Jackson Does Some' by my mate @BobbyBoyton. Brutal but beautiful. The book that is. Kevin Hunter Day, that geezer off MOTD2

Can't praise it enough… next time you see a big scruffy bloke with nice eyes drinking from a can on a bench you will feel you know him and hope he gets his break. Bobbie Darbyshire, author of Truth Games

Great stuff and horribly, horribly accurate. John Shrimsley, director, Taunton Association for The Homeless

I think you should read my mate Bob Boyton's book and if you have, read it again. Jeremy Hardy, comedian

There are a lot of books… about homelessness but not since 'Stuart - A Life Lived Backwards' have I read one which rings true. It's gritty without being melodramatic and funny without being patronising. It's also beautifully written… I suggest you get hold of a copy. It might not change your views but it will add to your understanding and more than that you'll enjoy it. Mark Wall, former manager Dean St. Hostel, Soho

Awesome emotional intelligence Charmian Hughes, comedian and actress

Book Launch

19 May 2012, 6:08 p.m.

John Fleming wrote some excellent coverage of the book launch on Thursday night; you can read it all on his blog.